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Prophet Muhammed (sal Allahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said, “…And the gates of Heaven will be open in this month and the gates of Hell will be closed. And the devils will be chained.” [Musnad Ahmad]

Why do we sin during Ramadan when the devils are chained? Because the poisons of their whispers still oozes through our veins. But now is the best time to detox, flushing bad habits and forming good ones. Learn how to accomplish this goal.

Start from the beginning - What is our purpose of existence?

Attaining peace

Allah (swt) gives us Ramadan in order to assist us in this process

Devlls are chained in Ramadan

Why do we still sin? —> It is because of your own nafs

Fasting liberates us

The dunya’s effects

Over-Indulgent Iftars

What does Allah (swt) say about fasting in the Qur’an

What are we shielding and protecting ourselves from through siyaam?

(1) from the displeasure and wrath of Allah (swt)

(2) from distance from Allah (swt)

(3) from excessively indulging the nafs

(4) from shaytan

Ramadan is about mercy

The Heart


Check points for Change:

…..jazzak Allah khair to our beloved audience members Suha Cassim and Sumayya Fatima Hussaini for their notes!